The tourist has many opportunities to appreciate the characteristics of Milos, other than its beaches and culinary experience. We briefly list hereunder of the basic travel information.

Milos, how to reach the island. Arrivals and Departures

Milos by plane : Milos has an airport with normally at two or three daily flights from Athens. The Airport is at 4 km. from Adamas (see Flights).
Milos by ferry : during the summer, there are on the average three ships a day from and to Piraeus, Crete and the other Cycladic islands (see Ferries). There are High Speed lines and Jet-lines (4 hours from Piraeus).

Phone numbers : Milos - +30+22870+no. // Athens - +30+210+no.

Milos island bus lines

In Milos, the buses frequencies are variable depending on the line. Look for schedules at the relative stops.
Milos bus prices : The average bus fare for most of the trips is from 1.60 € to 2.00 €.

Milos bus timetable and routes:

  • Adamas - Parasporos - Mytakas - Pachaina - Papafragas - Fylakopi - Pollonia
  • Adamas - Zefiria - Paliohori
  • Adamas - Airport - Achivadolimni - Provatas
  • Adamas - Sarakiniko
  • Adamas - Triovasalos – Plaka – Katakomves – Trypiti
  • Adamas - Tsigrado - Fyriplaka

Milos buses timeline from July 11 to July 17 2024

Milos buses timeline from July 18 to August 28 2024

Milos buses timeline from August 29 to September 04 2024

Milos island summer festivals

In Greece, name days are celebrated more than birthdays. Go to the various feasts, “panigiri”, which take place at the Saint's Church the evening preceding the name day. Normally, in July Milos organizes a festival with various cultural events, including music. The inhabitants have local group giving birth to concerts, theatrical plays of great interest, throughout the year. Watch for the various ads posted in the shops and, yes, on the electricity poles.

Milos mines

The millennial history of Milos runs around its minerals and their exploitation. It was and it is the island’s wealth, a large part of the local economy. Recent and old mines are interesting to see, as well as the Mineral Museum. In addition, tourist offices organize visits to the mines.


We stress the importance of booking your transportation means in advance (see page Rentals).

Milos Tourist Information Office

The Tourist Information Office is in front of the port. There are five gas stations, three drugstores, various ATM’s.

Milos island Museums

Archeological museum of Milos

8:00-15:00 daily (except Mondays)
T. +30 22870 21620, Plaka

Ecclesiastical museum of Milos

Daily 9:15-13:15 & 18:15-22:15
T. +30 22870 23956, Adamas

Milos Folk and Historic museum

Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-14:00 / 18:30-21:30,Sunday 10:00-14:00
T. +30 22870 21292,Plaka

Milos Mining museum

01/05-30/09 09:00-14:00 / 17:00-22:00 daily
01/10-30/04 08:30-14:30 (except Sundays/Mondays)
T.+30 22870 22481, Adamas

Milos Catacombs

Tuesday to Saturday 08:30-18:30
Sunday 08:30-15:00 Monday CLOSED
T.+30 22870 21625, Tripiti

Milos island useful numbers

OlympicAir - Athens+30 210 35 50 500Port Authority - Milos+30 22870 23360
Airport - Milos+30 22870 22381Med Center+30 22870 22700/1/2
Tourist Information Office+30 22870 22445Taxi - Adamas+30 22870 22219
Police+30 22870 21378-21204Taxi - Triovasalos+30 22870 21306

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