Rentals are almost everywhere on the island, from Adamas, to Triovasalos, and Pollonia. Suggest you book online the required model in time for the high season. Prices do not vary a lot; the important is to choose the renter for his service, reliability and your own safety.

Driving Licenses

-To rent a car, a “B” driving license is needed, dated at least 1 year back, and the minimum age of the driver must be 21 years’ old.
-To rent a 50cc scooter or quad an “AM” or “A” driving license is required.
-To rent a quad over 50cc a “B” driving license is required.
-To rent a scooter or a motorbike over 50cc an “A” driving license is required.
Non-European Union drivers require an international driving license.

Parking and Rules

In Greece and, of course, in Milos Island, seat belts and helmets are mandatory. Police checks are sporadic police members are always kind but follow the rules!
Mind you not to drive under the influence of alcohol and respect speed limits.
Always respect the signs for non-parking areas and parking / entrances for people with disabilities. In Adamas, Tripitì, Pollonia and Plaka there are special separate parking areas for cars and motorcycles.
So far, there are no paid parking lots. Do not park along the main road of the port of Adamas: in the high season (June-September), the Port Police has a strict control and fines are given.

Please avoid parking right on the beaches.


There are five gas stations on the Island, near the main villages.
Most of car or moto renters have no service in areas such as the West side of the island (Chalaka) or the old Sulphur mines beach (Paliorema). Just ask your renter before going there. Some renters do service these areas only for 4x4 cars or quads.

Check your distances: be aware that making a round trip to the west side of the island is about 60km from Adamas. Fill your tank before going and be careful about the rough roads there.
Scooters and motorcycle drivers: drive carefully! You are the no. 1 “clients” of Milos First Aid! Be aware of humid evenings when roads are slippery due to Southern winds.

Electrical bikes are not available, yet, in Milos, simply bikes.