Milos island is mostly known as the place where the inhabitants discovered the famous statue of Venus, or Aphrodite, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is only recently that tourism has noticed the beautiful beaches of this Cycladic Island, its rocks, its clear waters and landscapes.

Milos Island is "the Island of Colors" thanks to its splendid, manifold beauties of volcanic origin.

Where is Milos Greece located?

Milos is the most Western island of the Cyclades (Cyclades - islands forming a circle), in Greece. It has about 6,000 inhabitants scattered over seven small towns (like Adamas, Plaka and Tripitì). The island is ample, due to the very large and beautiful gulf which is in the very middle of it and which gives the island a horseshoe shape. Milos surface is 151 km2 with a coastline of 120 km.

How to get to Milos island (the easy way)

You can easily reach Milos :

  1. By plane from Athens
  2. By boat from Piraeus
  3. Fly to Santorini, Mykonos or Creta and continue by boat to Milos

Milos has an airport with daily summer flights from Athens. We recommend to book on time for July and August. In addition, you may get to Milos by several daily ships, ferries and fast boats, some for just passengers and more boats for cars and vans.

Milos and its splendid nature

Milos, it's important to define, is a volcanic island. It means that it has a rich soil, it is green all year around with protected areas (the European Project NATURA 2000 protects almost one third of the island). Althought it has a large number of natural wells, there is also a large desalinization plant that produces water for all needs.
Agriculture, sheep and goats breeding, fishing activities characterize the island's activities, other than tourism and mining. Moving around, you will encounter the still active mines of Milos, where they extract Bentonite, Kaolin and Perlite. Mineral exploitation in Milos has a millenary history. This helps understand that Milos is not a “summer” Cycladic Island like others: Milos is lively all year around with a stable population, families, schools, and cultural events.

Milos island beaches, so beautiful (and so many)

In Milos island there are more than 70 beaches, each one with its own characteristic and beauty. This is why Milos offers an interesting and unforgettable vacation: you may change beaches every day and never be bored. The luckier people with boats (see “sailors”) will reach waters of blue, azure, emerald, green, red and violet colors contrasting with white or pink, or red rocks. It is really the Island of Colors. All the colors of the rainbow. You may see all these colors on a single spot at some places along the coasts of the island. The nearby satellite islands, Kimolos and Polyaigos, also have secluded beaches and landscapes of great beauty.

What is the best period to visit the island of Milos?

The months of April and May are ideal to see the island blooming, to smell its keen perfumes, and to ride around in the exceptional road network to see a unique wild landscape.
In September and October the color of the sea, the beautiful sunsets, and a gentle breeze give Milos Island a calm atmosphere and allows a very restful vacation.

Where to stay in Milos

The upboost of tourism in Milos is recent, so you may find very old and very recent accommodations. They can be cheap or boutique premises, close to the sea or in uphill villages, poorly equipped or modern and comfortable. Prices run accordingly. The only suggestion we make is, first serve, best serve! In our lodging page, we promote accommodations that meet a minimum quality standard that guaranties a safe vacation. Each solution we promote can be booked directly without intermediaries of any sort.

What to do in Milos

Milos offers a different vacation because there are several opportunities, from culture to historic sites. On the page" information", we list some of them. You may visit archeological sites, museums, mines, participate to the folkloristic Panagiri, Saints’ feasts with food, music and Greek dances and so on.

Where and what to eat in Milos

Restaurants are all over the island. Taverns, ουζερί, and μεζεδοπωλεία, coffee shops, night bars: the island reflects the bent of the Greek for leisure and good life! Same for shops of all types, from supermarkets to souvenirs. The cuisine of Milos is mostly typically Greek but nowadays you find international plates. Same for wines and beers. Do not necessarily follow the suggestions of your accommodation host: ask around and experience different places.

For whom is Milos?

After this short description, we summon that Milos is for everyone. Couples, old and young, weddings, families with kids (for emergencies there is a reliable and efficient First Aid Center), diving or snorkeling lovers, trekking lovers, people who look for quietness, away from today’s city noisy lives.

The nature of the island, its people, the facilities offered will make you wish to be back to Milos, soon.