The island of Milos has seven main villages: Adamas, Triovassalos, Tripiti, Plakes, Plaka, Zefiria and Pollonia.

All villages are at a short distance one from another, for example to go from Plaka to Pollonia is about 15 min. circa 12 km. Below we describe the major villages. Tripiti - with its ancient theatre, Triovassalos - with its typical Greek lively atmosphere, and small villages like Mandrakia and Klima are also a “must see”. At any rate, you will never get tired moving around Milos as places are all at “human” distances.

Adamas, the port of Milos

Its name might come from "diamond - διαμάντι". Adamas is right in the gulf and all ferryboats arrive to its secure harbor. Adamas is the summer "downtown" place of the island of Milos, pivotal to all directions, where the port is and cafes and restaurants face the area where all boats moore.
Adamas has shops and markets, bars, ATM’s and the majority of other services. Most boat/land excursions depart from Adamas. Actually, in high season its traffic is a bit chaotic.
Visit in Adamas the churches of Agia Triada and Agios Halarambos.

Plaka, the capital of Milos

Plaka is the most characteristic village of the island with narrow roads built up on the hill at the entrance of the gulf. Nearby are the City Hall and the Police Station. Plaka is small and from here you have a wonderful dominating view of the North/West part of the island and unforgettable sunsets. At Plaka you will find several small boutique shops, restaurants, and taverns with live music.
When in Plaka visit the Kastro, the Folk Museum and The Archaeological Museum. In Tripitì, near Plaka, you have the Catacombs and the Ancient Roman Theatre (restored and in use), with unexpected interesting marble remains.

Pollonia, the seaside gem

Pollonia is located in the North/West part of Milos, in front of the Island of Kimolos, 10 - 15 km from Adamas or Plaka. Pollonia is a small fisherman village built around a pretty, restful tree-lined beach of fine sand, closed by a peer with many restaurants. Pollonia today is very fashionable, close to all beaches of the Northern side and to the nearby islands: Kimolos, Ag. Ghiorgos, Poliegos, and of course, Glaronissia, the impressive small island coming up from the sea with hexagon shaped stones. In addition, boat excursions depart from here.

Milos island fishing villages

The main fishing villages of Milos are :
- Klima
- Fyropotamos
- Mandrakia
- Areti
- Fourkovouni
- Agios Konstantinos
The fishing villages of Milos are located mostly at the Eastern side of the island. They consist of small, usually, two-storey houses called Sirmata, traditional shelters for boats. Each "Sirma" has a large wooden door of different color from the others. These colorful small places are worth a visit for their characteristics. Some “sirmata” have been adapted to summer small dwellings for vacations.