Restaurants are almost anywhere on the island and several of them are open the year around, being attended by local people. Some of the restaurants offer all typical Greek dishes, others specialize in fish or ovine meat.

There are many typical Greek inns like coffee shops (καφενείο), taverns serving ouzo and small finger food (ουζερί) and the appetizer and aperitif’s taverns (μεζεδοπωλείο). In Milos It is worth dining out and having a brunch at lunch.


Prices are generally very convenient everywhere, with an average price (year 2017) of 15/20 Euro for a full and normal meal. Eating fish or seafood: quality A fish goes from 50 to 70 Euro per kilo.

Milos local products

Milos has many plates using local products: from goat and lamb to very good pork meat, potatoes, eggplants, zucchini, skordalià, the delicate garlic sauce, cabbage, pitaràkia, karpuzòpita, pèltes (dried tomato cream to go with ouzo) and more. Cheeses made from local goat milk are delicious.

Local products, including the special thyme honey, marmalades, sundried tomatoes and sweets can be purchased in many shops in Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia.

Milos restaurants locations

Restaurants are by the sea or in the villages. In Paliohori, there are three restaurants right on the beach as well as in Mandrakia, Provatas, Klima. Pollonia offers some of the best restaurants, but do not disregard restaurants in Tripitì, Plaka and Zefiria, often with the best Greek cuisine.

Milos island wine

Table or bottle wines come from all over Greece and they are normally from known producers. Recently Milos started to produce a good local white wine.

Bars and cafes

There are bars and music cafes. Nowadays, main beaches (from June/July to September) have one or more bars, or restaurant with chairs and umbrellas. You can easily find non-serviced beaches, so bring water with you!

Milos island shops

As to shops, you find everything you might need for your vacations: supermarkets, pastry shops (taste the bread!), jewelers' stores and ceramic shops. One bookstore in Adamas has foreign papers and books.